Life is like a long road trip. You drive with anticipation, wind in your hair, music playing, and you feel the excitement of the journey. However, as the hours begin to mount and the night falls, the road seems as if it will never end. The driving becomes a mindless test of endurance. You yawn, notice mile marker 131, clutch the wheel, and open your eyes wider. Suddenly, you realize that you are in a trance as you pass mile marker 142!

Your mind yells, “Snap out of it!” The chill of fear ripples through your body and your thoughts race, “How did I get here? Was I asleep?”

Like most, you start your life journey with an idea of what it would take to be successful. You travel the road necessary to get there, only to find you’ve lost focus and have become disengaged. Life becomes mundane, scripted, and, for some, hopeless. You wonder, “How did I get here? Was I asleep?” You are not alone.

— 67% of adults are disengaged at work (where we spend approximately 1/3rd of our lives)
— Some disengagement is obvious, but most wear a mask to hide it
— Disengagement breeds hopelessness
— Hopelessness is a dangerous warning sign for a potential suicide
— And suicide is the 4th leading cause of death for ages 34-55 in the United States


It was 2011, I was struggling with the choice to end my life. My accomplishments were off the charts. I had all the components of success: respect, career excellence, a loving family, friends, and yet, I was in pain. I wore a mask to hide my hurt as I felt I had no right to be miserable. My internal voice went from critical, to mean, to vicious. In essence, I was sleeping behind the wheel and drifted so far off the road, I thought there was no coming back. I believed the lie that I had no value and no hope. I felt… hollow.

My plan was almost complete. I knew the day of the week, the method, the time, but in a moment of clarity, I saw the impact of my passing. I saw the pain and anguish of others, especially my family. I felt cornered with no way out other than to exist in a state of hollowness. Severe weight gain ensued as I completely gave up. I was angry, suspicious, and pragmatically negative. I questioned whether real joy and fulfillment existed.

That is when the actions of those who lived with true joy began to speak to me. I studied the way they lived, learned the components to find purpose, and how to regain my possibilities. This led to the power of AWAKEN and RISE.

The question isn’t whether or not you should exist or die.
A life filled with possibility, engagement, and purpose.

Will there be struggle? Yes. Will there be excitement? Yes. Will there be growth, disappointment, tears, and joy? Yes!

No longer numb, you will feel it all, but as you continue to level up, you will learn the truths that make life so amazing! You will live with love and inspiration to create the future at work, at home, and in every aspect of your life.

Are you ready to create your future, right now? Do you want to live your extraordinary life, starting now?

Awaken and Rise is dedicated to inspiring and teaching you to take the bold action necessary to LIVE YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

This is my purpose. Come join us by booking me to speak at your next event.

Who is Brian?

Brian Lidle is an author, educator, and speaker who believes in the power of our unique gifts and our ability to use those gifts for a greater purpose.

Brian had the privilege of growing up in Poland, Ohio, a suburb of Youngstown.  It was here he learned the values of faith, family, loyalty, and hard work.  Never one to avoid the chance to share a smile, Brian is known for his sense of humor and ability to connect with others.

Brian’s formal education includes three years of Biblical Studies, an undergraduate degree in Education from Youngstown State University, and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Ashland University.  Along with his formal education, Brian has had the honor of learning from an outstanding group of coaches and educational leaders.  His passions include music, spiritual understanding, deep conversations, and seeing people succeed by making their dreams a reality.

After spending years as a successful leader, educator, and coach, Brian had an awakening.  He realized that our worth was not found in our successes or failures, but in how we impact the lives of those around us. He was revitalized by the truth that our legacy doesn’t reflect our accomplishments, but reflects the person we are and the people we help.

Brian has dedicated himself to helping and inspiring people to embrace the greatness that resides within and to remain uncompromising in being the person we were designed to be through his website and writing. 

Brian currently resides in the Columbus, OH area with his amazing wife and their three vibrant children.